The Hampton Project

When we moved back to the UK in June 2014, we chose a house and a location that would allow me to have an outbuilding in the garden. We'd had one previously when we lived in Twickenham and for the kind of work I do (and for the way I work) it's essential for my business. Now that I'm shooting a lot more film for personal and commercial work I also needed space for a darkroom.

After considerable research, we chose to go with Booths Garden Studios to create a large building that would be split into 2 rooms - a studio and a darkroom. After an excellent first meeting with the very impressive Alex Booth we decided on a 6m x 3m structure that would house two 3m x 3m rooms. The process following the initial consultation went very smoothly and the installers completed all works in 2 days and we now have a solid, attractive workspace at the end of the garden. We couldn't be happier. 

Now is where the hard work starts as I try to convert this shell into a usable space. I've begun documenting the process in a series of videos which are below.

Paper Negatives

I recently acquired a 1930's Voigtlander Inos II medium format roll film camera. Does anyone know what parts I need to put it together? The attached picture shows everything I've got and I'm at a loss as to how to get the bellows attached to the front standard and shutter.

Once done, I'm trying my hand at paper negative development. Just for kicks.